Looking for some help

I am currently working on an “all-in-one” communication network for people, we’re trying to promote not going outside and keeping up-to-date with covid-19. We are looking for people who wish to help as a volunteer, as I am also volunteering for this project. This is going to be an increasing crisis, let’s help people make this predicament a little easier to cope with. :grinning:

If you can offer anything and wish to spend a few hours a day helping us, that would be amazing.

If you would like to see what we currently have on the regards as a “starter” for this site here’s a link to our Beta-Test: https://corvidhangout.bubbleapps.io/version-beta-test


  • Adjusting the name of the site to “Covidhangout”.

  • Adjusting the logo to “Covidhangout”.

  • SEO friendly URL for the profile.

  • Rewrite the SEO for the pages.

  • Rework the design of the “Covid-19 Updater”.

  • Add peer-to-peer messaging

  • Add Terms of Service/Privacy Policy

  • Add domain to the site.

  • Add additional COVID information.

If you have any ideas that could help or you think you could help, let me know. Reminder, I’m not looking to pay someone to do this. I’m looking for people who want to help keep people occupied and connected. Ideas/help are welcomed. :smiley:


  • COVID API - Updated to V2


  • Add “Videos” section - Create a section of informational/comedic videos.
  • Add “Video” section - Watch video from “Videos” section.
  • Rework the layout of Covidhangout.

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