Looking for somebody to create a fully responsive landing page

Hello all,

I’m looking for somebody to create a fully responsive landing page modelled on another site I’ve found and really like.

If there’s anybody here up for the job, please private message me for more details - please be able to show proof of previous fully responsive work within bubble.

Many thanks


Hi there Paul, just sent you a message. I’ll be awaiting your response so we can discuss the project in detail.

Sent you a DM
Do well to check

Hi Paul, I sent you a Dm🙂

Hey Paul. I have shared a similar past project via DM that might interest you.

Hello all,

Thanks for all your messages.

Sorry if I haven’t replied to you all yet - I didn’t expect so many fast responses otherwise wouldn’t have posted while on my phone in bed!

I promise to respond to all messages tomorrow.


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Thanks for all the responses - I’m a bit overwhelmed at the interest but have instructed somebody now (from here).

I hope this catch-all ‘thank you’ suffices as it would take an eternity to reply to everybody individually.

Best regards

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