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Looking for somebody to finalize my 2-page app

I’ve built a 2-page app via the canvas template, and i need somebody that can help me finalize it, with all the final touches to be ready to publish.

This is the first time i built a final app, but i need a more experienced bubbler (with canvas knowledge) to do the finalizations.

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Hello @cheskiefisch

Hey cheskiefisch! You can post your project to and receive proposals from our vetted Bubble developers (who also do mentoring on our site). Feel free to post your project.

Tried most of them, non of them are available? are you?

DM’d you

Hey @cheskiefisch ! Check out this directory with Bubble devs.

There are a lot of awesome experts you can message directly to hire or you can also post your project and get matched with a handpicked dev fast :eyes: