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Looking for someone to build me a CAD system for GTA 5 RP

Hi so me and some buddy’s decided to make a public RP discord server and we are in the process of setting up everything. We just hit the problem with CAD though, non of us know how to make one and all the free ones have some limitations to what we want to do. So I’m here to ask if anyone would like to build one for us we are willing to pay. You can email me at ‘‘[email protected]’’ or add me on discord and shoot me a DM ‘‘Ant MAlN#1988’’.
We do have some requirements we want to have implemented into the CAD as well.

Hey there @2re2pect2,

Afterthought System hosts and supports dozens of communities. If you’re interested in our multicommunity option we offer a 14 day risk-free trial at .

However, if you do want a CAD/MDT system built from scratch we do charge an hourly rate for those, but to get an accurate quote on that front, send us an email at [email protected]

Spider Modifications

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  • At Spider Modifications we pride ourselves in the best priced, highest quality CADs. We create, design and distribute a whole heap of CADs (plus other FiveM dev stuff)

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  • Choosing us would allow you to ensure that the CAD you purchase is of the highest quality with the most professional customer support.

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  • We actually only started up very recently, because of this we are doing sales and giveaways every week!


Rogue offers multiple cad systems used by many communities. If you are interested in checking out what we offer please click the links below that pertain to what you are interested in. If you need help please click the discord link so we can further assist you. If you want something custom we also offer a custom build but we charge based off of what you want included in the cad plus the design that you want. If you are on a budget then we have pre built cads that are cheap and easy to use.

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