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Looking for someone to create a custom MDT

I have looked at a lot of the CADs / MDTs on this subsection and most of them are too complicated for what I am looking for. I do not need dispatching, settings status (such as 10-08 or 10-07) I do not need in-depth arrest reports with street names and all this. I need something powerful but simple.

We can discuss on discord if needed. But I am looking for someone to create a MDT for us that would have the same background on all pages, have a login button that is username based and not email.

We want the ability to list penal codes that can be searched, it will have a jail sentence time and a fine value for each of the penal codes. We can create an arrest record that would allow us to type the name of anyone and if it matches pull their record to create an arrest report. If no user is there, the officer can create a new citizen record and record name, dob, and attach a picture of the suspect. when creating an Arrest report, they can search penal codes by name and drag them into the arrest record. When the officer is done dragging in all penal codes that apply, the officer can modify the count of said penal code violated. I.E. Attempted Murder x2 and it will give a total jail time and fine amount. There should be a field for the officer to type his report in and submit it.

I would also like the ability to create a warrant based off an arrest record made so the officer that detains the person on the warrant can continue / finish the report. The officer can then click a warrant serve button that clears the warrant off the list.

There should be a third tab that is just for an officer to search the database for an individual and see all arrest reports and all charges the person they search come back with. The picture should also show.

Can someone create something like this? And if so what would it cost me? My budget is sub $50.

Again a big thing is using username and password authentication or setting up fake emails IE ([email protected] or [email protected] . We plan to do an iframe to hook into a /mdt or /cad command so we can keep it in game.

PhoenixCAD by Visual Solutions - Coming this July This CAD has basically everything you’ve asked for!

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