Looking for someone to make me a website

Hi, Could someone make me a website application, i would appreciate it a lot. i am asking this because i am starting a website/company to help people with anything. if someone could do this then thank you,

if you are going to do this could it have the following pages:
Owner panel, chief officer panel, Staff panel, international chat page, my account page, Staff member’s, document’s, applications & forms, and links and contact information at the bottom of the page which can be edited on Owner’s panel

on the home page could there be a announcement area where announcements come up

could the Owner panel include these: user setting’s, requests, report requests, system settings, changelogs, announcements, link editor

could the Chief Officer panel include these: user setting’s, Requests, report requests, announcements, changelogs

could the Staff panel include these: requests, changelogs

any question then please contact me.

Do you have a budget to work with? I think most of the freelancers here would have that question

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Please Drop Your Budget and Details at rahim801ranjha@gmail.com
or live:rahim801ranjha

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