Looking for start-up co-founder

We are GrowHome, a start-up that connects diasporas (people living outside of their country of origin) to entrepreneurs back home. Our goal is to allow diasporas, who gain wealth/experience/networks abroad, to mentor, collaborate and fund ambitious start-ups in their home countries.

We just completed and launched our MVP, with Bubble. We are in search of a CTO, who could iterate based on user feedback, and add new features such as a crowdfunding feature where diasporas could fund their favorite entrepreneurs.

This role would initially pay $1,200/month, with equity, and will increase as we raise our seed and series A round. If you believe in the mission and are an experienced bubbler, please reach out!


Hi motte,

I am bubble developer and would like to join hands with your startup.

The idea sounds interesting to me.

So, you can email me at goyalpriyanshu254@gmail.com.

Best regards
Priyanshu Goyal