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Looking for this program. Where is HVAC?

I just signed up on Bubble with no programming or coding skills. I was looking across some of the bubble builds and found this one I am interested in using. Unfortunately I have no idea where it is located.

I would like to eventually build my own program so that I may have administrative access to make desired changes of course, but I am also in need of a program like this right now for the existing clients I do have.

Is anybody able to help me find this program or provide me with a similar program? This PDF was in the bubble showcase and from the looks of things, the only one without a URL.

I think they are maybe using it as a closed in house application.

Here is their website however.

If it was in the showcase, you could ask the individual who posted the message for more info in a public or private message.

I found the address by looking at the PDF and seeing the email addresses on page 4 :slight_smile:

I’m not sure if you could find this - you could try looking in the template marketplace:

But if you don’t know bubble, you’d have a very difficult time using any template. I would recommend you first go through the bubble tutorial and videos to make sure you are willing to commit the time and effort needed.

Additionally existing applications are not “builds” that you can find and use unless the creator specifically made it into a template and put it on the template marketplace.

Alternatively, there are many freelancers you could hire to build your application for in bubble.

@bubbleguy might be able to help!

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Thanks Geoff! Yes I helped to make the HVAC site. It is not available as a template as we put a lot of resources into making it and it is too specialized to be useful as a template anyhow. If you have questions about functions feel free to message me or try my email [email protected]. If you search for my old handle hvacdesigner you may find some tips I found along the way.

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I know also @topherwilliams is working on HVAC type apps so he might be good to talk to…

@billr happy to help (if possible). What, exactly, are you looking to build?

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