Looking to hire a freelancer to solve this plugin problem

Looking to hire a freelancer who can figure out why the plugin below won’t seem to work in my app. Please send me your rates :slight_smile:

This plugin seems very straight-forward but it will not work in my app: Hashtag / @ / Timestamp Highlighter Plugin | Bubble

Describe the problem in more detail, what exactly is not working? Send me a link to your application

The plugin should highlight @mentions and/or #hashtags (depending on what you’ve selected) within a text element with a given ID attribute. It doesn’t.

I have followed all of the steps provided:

  • Exposing the ID attributes
  • ID’ing the correct text element
  • Adding the plugin element to the page
  • writing in the element ID and choosing my preferred settings, etc

It will not even highlight @mentions and/or #hashtags within the ID’ed text element, let alone make them clickable (E.g. to navigate to the user page of the @mentioned user).

Does this sound like a problem you can solve? Please let me know if more detail is needed.

Hi @WorkWithJordana ,
I can fix this issue for you. You contact me via private message or via email: razaadeel8@gmail.com

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Thank you for considering. I was able to find someone. It looks like there was a bug in the plugin so we built a solution from scratch. I’ll hold onto your contact info in case I need to hire a freelancer again in the future. :slight_smile:

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Ok, I will wait.