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Looking to hire freelancer for productivity platform

Hi Bubble Community,

We’re currently looking to hire Bubble developers to help us continue the ongoing development of our productivity platform Astrotask, We’ve been working on the platform for over a year and would love to find a long term developer to assist us.

If you’re interested, please contact me (Evan) on Whatsapps +12532194010 to discuss further

Some items we’re looking to add in our next project with you:
Project View on the Projects Page

  • Box - This allows everyone to see workload (# Done & Not Done tasks, as well as % of completed tasks)
  • Timeline - Gantt Chart View
  • Table - simple way to view tasks by Name, Assignee, Priority, Status, Due Date

Refine Data Import from other productivity platforms: (we already connected these apis and have these flows built)
Should look something like this:

  • Every board is imported. We can make it to where every extra board they may have is imported but keeping the staple “To Do, In Progress, Complete” lists and give the option for them to move the lists around to fight within the structure of those three lists
  • Next, we’re given the option to keep assignment of tasks. So lets say tasks are assigned to people when moving from Trello, we can have a screen that gives an option to invite everyone involved in that project. So I’d like for us to be able to send an email invitation to join the project in astrotask. The user can input the emails next to the names or if we could pull the email, that would be great
  • A progress screen that the import is loading. Include a notice in a banner at the top of the page saying that we will email the user once the import is complete
  • Finally, send an email saying “Goodbye (insert platform name)! Your import is complete and you may now use Astrotask” with a link to the project.

Add time tracking integration with Toggl and Harvest to track time within Astrotask

When opening a task, just click the task so it opens a popup instead of having to click the edit icon on the task

Add an automated email which sends out on intervals that the admin can define like the screenshot below and this reminds people to check in with their team on our Checkin page of the Astrotask app.

Once again, please connect with me (Evan) on WhatsApp at +12532194010 if you’re interested.


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