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Looking to hire Developer(s) for a new startup

New to the forum and bubble. I’ve been doing some research and have decided to build a new SaaS platform idea on Bubble. The concept is 70% sketched out and ready to start laying the ground work. Next steps are finalizing UI/UX and start a build in parallel. This has the potential to become a longer term engagement so looking for someone or an agency that is not only interested in immediate work, but can be there to partner long term. This could turn into a CTO role of the company. The developer will need to be also good a working with external APIs and algorithms.

Looking to have MVP done in next 4 to 6 weeks.

If interested - email: [email protected]

Couple questions for forum experts:

  1. How easy/hard/impossible is it to integrate an external API for a matching algorithm which will require a bit of data to be exported out and run the matching through and come back with a response to display in a UI realtime? Can Bubble handle it?

  2. How much of UI/UX needs finalized while the build starts?


Hi Swix. Kindly check you email, I just sent you one.
Regarding your questions (IMHO):

  1. It kind of depends on the external Service. If the external service (API provider) has good capability to process the data as required then it should be simpler. If we need to partially process the data AFTER it has returned to bubble then it will take more work to make things work.
  2. Better to collect all the features that you can think of and then categorize the features in the following categories:
    i) Must Have(s)
    ii) Should Have(s)
    iii) Could Have(s)

It’s ideal to at least have the “Must have(s)” finalized before the build starts. Wireframes are a must-have too!