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The digital fundraising technology my team is looking to build will provide a cloud service of micro-services that our charity clients will invest in, to drive revenue digitally. Our full-suite CMS fundraising solution will enable charities to spin up front-end digital fundraising campaigns that generate critical revenue to their bottom line, track front-end custom/donor activity on pages, and allow for client customization.

The technology charities invest in will empower the charity to white-label templated technology to fit the needs of each of their virtual fundraising initiatives. Charity clients will also have access to a “developers module” that will allow them to perform customizations like e.g. leverage fundraising APIs for integrations to platforms they use, inject CSS/HTML into front-end skins, and more.

Charity clients will have their customers/supporters donating via credit card and Apple Pay on the technology, registering for events (sometimes with a fee), creating personal fundraising pages, creating team fundraising pages, and customizing unique customer call to action.

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We would love to help you, and have a few ideas around this. Could you please email heather@millionlabs.co.uk and we can book in a call.

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I am an experienced Bubble developer and I would be glad to help you build this out.
You can reach me on andrewjohnson56782@gmail.com
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