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Looking to hire freelancing developer for bug fixes and update

I am looking to make some fixes and updates to our bubble platform
Our developer has quit so we are currently stranded and our deadline is tight. The fixes include things like sign-up not working but most of the work would be additions and improvements to our user experiences( which may require plugins). I am willing to share a detailed list of the work that is required for interested parties. Please email me your rates at [email protected] if you are interested


Hi! Recently we build a NoCode Development company and now we are working with following principle: You just pay $1999 as a monthly fee and get your own NoCode Developer for a full time! And yes, we have a 7 Days Trial! :slight_smile:

All our developers are experienced professionals, and we even have our own Developer Academy. Just text me by email to schedule a Zoom meeting, we will discuss your project in details and I’ll tell you more about us

[email protected]


SparkDev is an experienced developers team who can help you with your app.

I’ve sent you an email with details, please check and write back to me.

Best regards,


[email protected]

Have you ported bubble to the apple and android store? If so can you send me links to those apps.

Hi James! Yeah, we upload almost all the apps we make to App Store or Google Play. Here are the examples: Ornum, Udoc

Where are you from? Asking to check which apps you can download from your country

I am in the USA. Provide some details on your apps here. Could do a zoom or phone call.


I see idoc but no udoc ornum is online as a career app in the app store.