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Looking to hire full time full stack dev with bubble experience

Hey Bubblers

We are looking for a full time full stack dev who is also proficient with bubble.

You will be joining a funded startup very early so looking for people that are, technically deep but also versatile and can wear many hats.

Wishlist (beyond basic bubble) - MERN, Python, ML, media processing (including services like aws media services) , custom bubble controls, data science, UX design. If you tick off a number of these let’s talk.

Must be obsessed with customer success.

Updating: Open to all people within US aligned time zones. This includes central/south america and yes … even Canada.

DM if you’re interested and we can talk further. Please send along CV and things you have built.


Bubble specific devs are running 70-100k+ In the US many charging over $50-100/hour.

ML devs average 106k here in the US.

I hope you’re willing to drop $150-200k+/year for the speciality here, you may even hit the $250-300k/year range to find a true specialist.

Likely it’ll be better to get a team of devs each with a speciality.


Yeah - and you can double those numbers in certain regions of the US as well. For series A and beyond those are realistic but seed comp weighting tends to lean the other.


You can post this on as well.

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My name is Aiya and I’m BDM at Swiftle, a Bubble development studio.

Ready to be your technical partner and perform your task in the most appropriate way.

We have got a team of developers, that is a much safer way than rely on only one person.

Anyway, I’d love to meet you and believe we have a wide range of topics to discuss.

In case you are interested and want to discuss in more detail, use the following link to book a call:


Kind regards,


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