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Looking to join a server - Read for more info

I have 5 years of roleplay experience. I am 16, and I’m looking for FiveM servers who need staff members. Contact me “i sold my kids on ebay#3134”. Please don’t contact me if you’re going to give me an extensive and useless application that you don’t read anyway, and don’t DM me if you don’t put effort into your server, I’ll just leave. I need a good server to dedicate my time to, send me links.

hey @KhaledH69 I am the Founder Of Flex Designs and Flex RP

Hey, everyone, I have started a new RP community called Flex RP.

Mission Statement: We want to make RolePlay sense more realistic and diverse. We are very organized.
Disclaimer: We are only a PC Community, not a Console Community

Departments: Los Santos Police Department, San Andreas Highway Patrol, Blain County sheriff’s Department, San Andreas Fire Department, San Andreas Communications Department, and Civilians
We have subdivisions for every department.
Los Santos Police Department Subdivisions:
Traffic Enforcement Unit
Port Authority
Detectives Bureau
Vice/Gang Unit
Education Division
Park Services
Canine Division
San Andreas Highway Patrol
Bureau of Air & Coastal Operations
Bureau of Special Operations
Commercial Vehicle Enforcement
DUI Enforcement
Motor Bike Unit
Motor Recovery Unit
Public information’s Unit
Department of Public Saftey
Blain County Sheriff’s Department Subdivisions:
Warrant Services
Wildlife Rangers
Criminal Investigations Division
Traffic Enforcement Division
Bureau of Justice Statistics
Paleto Bay Police Department
Sandy shores Police Department
Los Santos County Sheriff’s Office

What we have:
Custome Custom LEO Cars
Custom Civilian Cars
Newly Built CAD
Custom Outfits
Dedicated Server
Multiple Servers
Not many people
Application Status
SA Communications: OPEN


All of our stuff is on our new and updated website

Hello, are you looking for a CAD/MDT or to Start up your server and don’t know what to do? Well we have you covered, we offer:
-Free, Cheap & High-End CADS
-Custom Website Building & Designing
-Video Editing
-Five M Hosting & Development
Visit our Website:
Join Our Discord: