Looking to pay$ for a quick job


I am looking for a quick proof of concept work, what i need done is:

user logs in

pulls [account balance(300)]
pulls data from csv file of 3 different prices[store]>
pulls preformed image>
generates list of 3[store]s below image>
user can select first item in list
user inputs desired amount to purchase (quantity is in volumes)
when (quantity) is defined, generates (price_quantity)
user hits submit
account balance is then “transferred” to PayPal
user is returned to home screen with a simple pie chart showing new balance ($250)

none of this has to work, just has to look like it works, just for a demo.

my email is: sambacha -at- gmail.com
I pay in USD, please show me a little bit of work too.
Will need this person down the line for more work as well.

Thanks for reading!

Drop me a message if you like :slight_smile:

Hi Sambacha,
Hope you are doing well.

I have sent you an Email & PM.

Warm Regards,
Norman F.