Looking to send emails using Office

Hey I have an interesting project where we our customers need to send emails to their customers via Microsoft.

Basically our customer would create an email in our platform, fill in the subject, content, to recipients, attach files etc and hit send. That email would then send to their customer with our customers email address, it should also show up in their outlook sent box.

I’m thinking Microsoft Graph api will be the key but just wanted to get the down-low from anyone who might have had some experience here…

Bonus points if you’ve been able to bring emails from a microsoft account back into bubble or if you have been able to create an outlook extension that can send information into bubble

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Nylas is the fastest setup for this and supports all email providers not just Microsoft.

Microsoft has some interesting quirks in their email setup & account types but you could definitely go the outlook specific route. You can return their inbox to bubble, send through their oAuth email account, etc.

You my friend area a legend!!

Have you used this extensively?