Hello everyone, everything good?
I’m trying to delete in cascade from father>son>grandson>… and delete everything from bottom to top.
Currently the loop works to delete the children, but does not access the grandchildren and so on.
Can anyone tell me how I can make a loop that runs until I can’t find any more children and only then go up deleting everything?


P1.1 - P1.2

P1.1.1 - P1.1.2 / P1.2.1 - P1.2.2

P1.1.1.1 - P1.1.1.2 / P1.1.2.1 - P1.1.2.2 / P1.1.2.1 - P1.1.2.2 …

I don’t know how many children children can have and whether or not these children will have children…
I need to somehow navigate within the children of the children until I reach a point where the child doesn’t have a child, only then start erasing from bottom to top.

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