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Loop through page ( Api call)

Hello Team,[page]
We have API URL like this,
I added page for header parameter, Do we have any way to loop through like page =1 to page =10 instead of Schedule API on the list then change param from 1 to 10( 10 schedule API task) .
Thank you.

If you use an API workflow to make this API call, how about setting a parameter for the API workflow, let’s call the parameter pPage and make it a number. The first action in the workflow makes the API call with page set to pPage. You should set pPage to 1 when triggering the API workflow initially. A second action triggers the API workflow again but with pPage set to pPage + 1. Or better still, if the API response includes a next page value, you can set pPage to that value.

Important: You should definitely put a condition on the second step to prevent it from running if there are no more pages/records to get. Again, depending on the response fields you get back from the API call, there may be something in there to tell you if there are more pages, and you should use that as a condition for the second action.

Alternatively, perhaps the method suggested here might work in your case also.