Looping conditions infinitely for Text and Progress bar (will pay)

[I will pay for your time if needed, this is important to me]

This link is a duplicate of my project set to “Everyone can edit” if this helps!
Link: Breaktimersi | Bubble Editor

This one is the paid with personal (only everyone can view)

I have created a countdown timer for every 15m you take a 30sec break and every 1h you take a 10m break to prevent RSI. (currently set to 5-7 seconds each break, no need to wait that long)

My workflow runs infinitely perfectly fine using Do When Condition True (if the first timer is visible), in this case, the first-timer/countdown I have. For the very last break, I tell it to run the first-timer which makes this run over and over totally fine.

Starting the [1] Timer at very end makes this run infinite, this is great and need no help here!

But my problem is, I have this text block and progress bar using conditions to represent the number of the following timers (1st Timer/Break, 2nd Timer/Break, 3rd Timer/Break, 4th Timer/Break). It works great running the first time, but when the workflow begins to repeat for the second time. The numbers and progress bar stay at 0.

(the end of progress bar conditions)

Here is the label conditions

(the last condition, which im trying to call the [1] “First” timer seconds again)

I’ve tried resetting data in a group, displaying, etc. in the workflow and even bought personal cause I saw I can do recurring schedules, but this doesn’t seem right cause it’s Daily at a minimum.

I just want to reset these conditions for the countdown number and progress bar just like how my workflow repeats over and over infinitely. My browser push notifications keep going so it is working, I just can’t get this text and progress bar to repeat working for the life of me!

TDLR: I need my text and progress bar indicators to repeat when the very last one finishes. When you visit the link … You will see it working perfectly fine until it resets. I have to keep that text and progress going and make the conditions set for them to loop forever just like my workflow repeats.

Any ideas?


I have similar issue. When my “text” countdown timer reaches 0, I need to start workflow.
And also I need countdown to start again e.g. 5min to zero again.

It seems whatever I do after counter hits 0 only refresh of page or user action helps.
I need this automatically and for all users.

I think it must be server side plugin.

Also I wanted to ask you what does it mean in your conditions eg. [1] . I did not see it in documentation. Also that you have there little icons. Im just curious perhaps you can advise where is it in documentation.


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