Looping Table Parent 1 and Child 123... [SOLVED]

Beautiful people, I need some super help :sos:

I’ve been trying to resolve this for a few days now and I need the help of a sympathetic soul.

I managed to solve most of it by watching advanced database classes.

The idea is as follows…

I have a parent table and a child table

Every time the child table id reaches 10, a new parent id must be received and the count restarted.

Would be like this

Parent id = 1 And child id = 1

Parent id = 1 And child id = 2

Parent id = 1 And child id = 3

…until child id = 10 Then

Parent id = 2 And child id = 1

… and so on

I tried using only when using conditions from the child table in every way, I even created a Boolean field to try to resolve it.

I think it might be something simple, but I can’t see it.


I have a list of parent ids that goes up to 4 thousand already registered in the parent table, when it reaches the last parent id it goes back to parent id 1 and the child id will start from 11 to 20 (but initially I want to complete this initial cycle, then I I can create another counter that starts from 11 to 20). I’m only using it in the backend workflow, on the front I just use a button to start the flow. And there is a counter table for the parent and another counter table for the child

what is the use case for this?

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Hi friend. It’s for creating surnames. Example, Father 1 Adan Rosa, Son 1 Adan Rosa Terres, Son 2 Adan Rosa Pereira until son number 10 then stops for father 2

Do you the list of fathers already created, and if so are they already stored in your database as a datatype?

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Hi master, yes, I already have a table in the database with all the parents registered, the children that do not yet exist will be created from the parent table.

What happens when I put the condition in the counter is that it cancels the action until the child is 10 then it starts a new parent, but only child 10 will receive the parent id, because only when cancels the operation instead of pausing , I would need a While action, While child from 1 to 10 so the parent is the same. I think I’ll have to see another way to solve it, I don’t think I can do it in the only when of the parent counter’s action


I looked in several places, I even opened a ticket on Bubble and nothing was resolved.

What happened?

As I didn’t know that the bubble completely canceled an action when you use an only when condition, I was looking for the last processed id of the previous step, which was the parent counter. So it always came empty because the action was canceled until it reached 10.


Simple, but it took me days to wake up.

Instead of searching in the previous step, I searched for the id directly in the parent counter table.

If it weren’t for you commenting here I wouldn’t have created the motivation to persist in searching for a solution. Receive my immense gratitude.

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