Loops.so Database Trigger

Having trouble understanding the database trigger, I have a waitlist and every time someone joins it should initiate an API workflow using the Loops.so plugin, creating a new contact.

is the setup not working? Because you database trigger change conditional looks correct

looks ok to me as well. are you trying to create a new contact in the bubble database or in Loops?

Not at all, I was previously using a standard workflow, but data privacy won’t allow the email to be used when a user is not logged in, this is for a waitlist. I checked the loops dashboard and no email is sent or user is added to the contact list afterward.

I have a “waitlist” data type that collects, email, name, etc. When a new waitlist data type is created I want it to trigger to add a contact to loops and trigger a loop that sends a “welcome to waitlist” email.

Check your logs that the trigger is initiated or not, as you are dealing with a 3rd party system in the action, it may be an issue on their side or the way in which you are sending in the values…if that action is an api you should also make sure your api call is set to capture errors and create a data type to save the information about the error to help debug

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