Lost App after Importing another app

I have 2 apps, one was a front end i was working on, the other in a separate app was a backend dashboard. i saw the option to import an app, i thought this would import the dashboard into my front end app, but now my front end has disappeared and only imported the backend dashboard.

is there a back up i can back to, the front end has had a considerable amount of time spent on it and now its all lost.

Oh no :worried: That’s not fun. That overrides the entire app when you import.

Can you revert to a previous time before you imported your app using the history and save points? You can put in a specific date and time. Hopefully you can find a good time stamp that reverts things for you. :cry: Otherwise maybe reach out to the Bubble team to see if they can do some sort of restore for you. :man_shrugging:

I managed to use the history and restore to a point where i only lost about 20min of work.

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