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Lost updates to my app

Beginning last Friday, I had a very disjointed work “session” on my app. When I had an opportunity, I sat down and made updates to the app. Then, I’d be pulled away for family activities or chores.

I kept two browsers open for working on the app when I got back to it.

This morning, sat down for a focused work session and found that much or all of the work I did on Saturday and Sunday is gone. I may have also lost some changes from Friday. Because my work was so disjointed, I’m not sure what changes I made that are still there.

I obviously goofed by not closing my browser sessions at the end of each day, but I have left my sessions open in the past and not lost my work (that I know of.)

Did anything unusual happen over the weekend with Bubble, or is this kind of thing to be expected when I get this scattered in my work?