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Low hanging revenue for Bubble

Hey Bubble team - @emmanuel @josh et al… want lots of low hanging revenue? Why not make it a no brainer to upgrade to a paid plan from the now-precious hobby plan and revert back to hobby if you change your mind (most of us won’t). Force users back to free plan with its DB limits introduces so much hesitation instead of making a paid Bubble plan a no-brainer click. Thoughts?

FYI @allenyang - in case this is in your realm.

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This already happens I thought, doesn’t it?

Nope. From my understanding, upgrading from hobby to paid, and then cancelling paid, gets you back to free and not hobby.

You don’t have to cancel the plan, you can simply downgrade back - did this myself before.

You have upgraded from HOBBY (not free) to a paid plan, and then downgraded back to HOBBY (not free)??

Yes, under “Settings->App plan” you can pretty much jump between plans as you like


Personal (legacy) not available anymore.

Sorry, but that’s not accurate. Support has confined that you cannot go back to Hobby (which is a legacy plan) after upgrading from Hobby to a paid plan. That’s the whole points of this post.

This is because the Legacy plans have ‘timed out’…when Bubble announced the Legacy plan, it had a 2 year period of availability before it was voided. Any new apps you create will not have any legacy plan options available…any apps you had created and the legacy plans are available, if you upgrade you can not go back to a legacy plan.

However, any apps on legacy plan and you do not change the plan, I believe are still on the Legacy plan.

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:100: accurate

Yes, I understand all that. But it seems like Bubble can make lots more revenue if they’d allow a way back out of a paid plan – but back to where we were before we decided to pay them instead of back to somewhere inferior. As startup founders, most of us tend to reward our customers for trying a higher-costing tier, rather than penalize them, right? That’s the low-hanging fruit that I feel Bubble is missing out on. IMHO, they should eliminate ALL hesitation from a paid upgrade, and that includes being able to get right back to where you were before you decided to pay them X months at $Y.

If you discontinued a product, would you be able to continue to let customers swap a purchase for the discontinued product?

If the sole purpose of discontinuing the product was to increase my revenue stream, and by letting customers swap back to the discontinued product I was actually also increasing my revenue stream, then yes. That’s the parallel analogy here.