Low/No code options for transforming data? Or use bubble?

I’m building a dashboard for short stay (airbnb) hosts, which displays various monthly performance stats.

I need to turn a csv list of bookings into a list of monthly metrics (e.g. revenue), but this isn’t straightforward. For instance, if a booking goes over multiple months, one booking will contribute to multiple monthly reports and revenue would be pro-rata’ed.

While I’m not a programmer, the approach I previously took to solve this problem in Zoho Creator was:

  • Create a new table with the same data format as “Bookings” (let’s call it “Invoices”)
  • Copy each row, but if the arrival and departure date are different then create multiple rows in
    “Invoices”, with the booking data adjusted accordingly (e.g. arrival and departure dates)
  • Either run summary queries directly on “Invoices”, or create a “Reports” table based on summaries of “Invoices”

My assumption is this isn’t really what Bubble was designed for, am I wrong? How would you go about solving this? As we’d be dealing with thousands of rows at a time, I think it would be too rich for Zapier/Integromat?

In an ideal world the solution would have an API endpoint I could submit a url to (containing the csv booking data), which it would download, process and responded to the request with the transformed data.

Sounds like you might want to try https://parabola.io/

Hello @chris34 !

Bubble is a visual programming language and functions as a blank canvas. In Zoho creator you solved your KPI needs by creating tables. I suggest you could do the same here. :+1:t2:

Consider creating “kpi tables” (… in Bubblish … “things” which will serve the same kpi function) as needed in the logic you build in Bubble.

This way as your users use the app, you are creating your own kpi data with Bubble objects.

And you could use the nice chart plugins that are built by Bubble, and other talented Bubblers, to display them on a Bubble dashboard page for internal consumption :wink:

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