Macbook Air M1 slow with safari / bubble

Wondering if any bubble friends have experienced:
I received my Macbook Air M1 8gb 256go and it is really slow with just 10s tabs and bubble

Anyone have this issue too ?

Thinking about replacing with 16gb…

That’s actually why I haven’t bought the MacBook with the M1 Chip yet. I have a MacBook Pro 32 GB Memory and it runs beautifully. Once the new MacBooks have at least 32 GB of memory, then I will upgrade. Not until then. :blush: Try chrome though, it seems to handle better than Safari.

Hope that helps! :blush:


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Try Edge as well. I know Mac Bubblers have found it faster. Which is odd!

RAM management is king though. I have a new 32Gb PC and Bubble is pretty sweet on it. But actually Bubble on a Chromebooks is OK too, as it appears to manage memory better.

Glad to know I am not alone ! I keep having this thing popping up too, I was hoping that safari was better than chrome for Mac

Here included some tips to speed up your Mac:
Restart your Mac. If you haven’t restarted it for a while your RAM could be maxed out.
Delete unnecessary files, apps and other items that are taking up space – especially if you have less than 10% of your Mac’s storage free.
Update your software in case there is a software issue that is causing the problem.

Also, if you’re thinking to replace or switching, then I would love to highly recommend taking this MacBook version,
Cause Apple says: that the new chip deliver 18% better CPU and 25% better GPU performance over the previous design.