Made a change in one app --- other applications changed

So frustrated by this.

I had an application I built. Made copies of it to use for other purposes. Even made it into a template.

Went into the first copy application, made a change to a group to replace it with a floating group. That changed caused issues with alignment of elements.

I used the back button in the application to undo the changes…this did not resolve the issue of the alignment. I then reverted to an earlier time using the history revert feature…this also did not restore the original alignment.

I looked at the copies of this application, and found their alignments had been affected as well.

Checked the original application these copies were made from and it still has the right alignment settings.

Looked at screen shots of the copied application meant to be used as a template to ensure I wasn’t crazy and that the alignment previously was correct and of course it was previously correct as there was no way I would have made the copies and even uploaded a template if the alignment was off.

Went into the template to check it, and of course, the alignment for the template is also messed up now.

What happened??? This is beyond frustrating. Having the issue in one application where the changes were made is one thing. Having the revert history function not fix the issue is another thing. Having copies of the application that were not changed also be affected is another thing. And finally a template that had been uploaded getting affected too!! What is this???

Doesn’t sound good. I would think each app should be 100% independent of each other, copy or not. I am about to start using copy as a way to do a backup, so this gives me pause.

Sounds like you should file a bug report… and let us know.

I filed a bug report. Was told they would look into it further with more details provided by me so they could be aware of which elements were out of alignment (thought maybe just looking at the screenshots provided would have visual explained this)…provided the details of which elements.

Got a response that would be suitable for a beginner bubbler explaining that floating groups interact differently with the page layout.

Problem is that I am not using a floating group and the support member just used the naming convention of the element I used instead of investigating the element to make this assumption.

I replied to tell them I am not using a floating group and that it is a normal group.

Hopefully I will get some response.

Having other issues with the same page on other applications now too where the background color of a group set to be not visible at a certain page width is removed but the group stays on page causing issues with the layout as well as not being able to use the debug mode in firefox to try and debug things myself

Sent another bug report on that issue with a video but have not heard back yet.

Don’t know what to make of all this nonsense.

You could do that…my recommendation is only when it is a final version, otherwise you could start to get overwhelmed having to make copies after each day of building.

There is the function to do a backup in the app using the ‘history’ and create a save point. This allows you to save at the end of the day and if anything is off later you can revert to that time easily…otherwise while building and you experience issues with recent changes you made you can use the history and revert to specific time

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