Maestro not working for every cell

I am using maestro to trigger a state to be saved for each row in a RG. I am not seeing action completed on the final row in the RG. THis workflow is effective for each row in my RG except for the last row.

Here is the full workflow
when revealed initialize

trigger this maestro only after the current maestro has finished running

for each row, set state bla bla bla.

this is the result

the first 3 rows values populate no problem, only the last row has an issue.

@vini_brito, am i using the maestro incorrectly?

when assigning the maestro to only run on row 4, i get an error

Uh, possibly! The “revealed” event triggers once for each cell that gets visible, and in there you trigger the musician in cell 4, so it will run several times.
Try seeing the example thread and copying it, after that you modify it to your needs (:

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