Magic link is not working (immediately expired)

I have had a customer report (and I have replicated) the issue. When I send my user a magic link they receive the email and click on the magic link. This results in the popup from bubble that the link has expired. I have overridden the expiration time to 2 hours. The email is received and link clicked on within a minute or so.

This effectively breaks the magic link for me. Any ideas?

Hi there, @mike31… I don’t have an answer for you here, but if you haven’t submitted a bug report yet, you should definitely go ahead and do that.


Thank you, I logged a bug :slight_smile:

I am having issues with the Magic link too. It happened a few days ago and is happening again. This error comes up.

A user just reported this to me but I can’t replicate the issue. Did the bug get resolved?

Thanks, I don’t think it has been resolved. It seems to happen with hotmail accounts. I use postmark (Sengrid doesn’t seem to deliver to hotmail accounts for me), so I tick the “just create link, don’t send email” option of the magic link and add the resulting value to the relevant postmark parameter. That all works fine if I send to a gmail account for example, but it doesn’t work if I send to a hotmail account. If you click on the link from a hotmail account, it immediately expires. Not sure if that’s the problem, but that’s what I’ve observed.

I’m pretty new to the email client stuff but is there a reason you don’t send the email using Bubble’s workflow?

I use the Bubble workflows, I just send emails to Postmark via an API call. I don’t use Bubble’s standard email client (Sengrid) because it has a lower delivery rate (and generally doesn’t get through to hotmail addresses). There have been several discussions on this forum about this (see for example Postmark is awesome), so I’m guessing quite a few people don’t use Sengrid.


I might have to make a switch. Thanks!

Yep! I match what @Banjaman said. I learned the hard way, but it’s easier to just build your app with Postmark than migrating later on which is what I had to do. It wasn’t hard but rather annoying….

@bettina sent out a Postmark newsletter on a Bubble integration if interested. I personally use the API connector but @vini_brito has built a plugin for it

Hey @johnny

I use the API Connector with Postmark as well. The only thing I haven’t been able to mimic is Bubble’s create an iCal file that gets sent along with the email when we use ‘Send meeting request by email’. Any alternatives that you found to do that part? Would love to get that working so I can fully transition to that. :blush:

Yeah, that’s a challenge I’ve come across as well along with attachments— not really sure on how to do that. Maybe I’ll do some digging and reach out to Postmark to see if they have any suggestions— their team is very helpful

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Hey @J805,

Update, Postmark linked me to this article; How do I send calendar invites with Postmark? | Postmark Support Center

I think this is definitely reproducible in Bubble; haven’t tried it yet though.

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Yeah. That’s what I was trying to do before. I will have another go at it when I get a moment. :blush:

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