Mailchimp Extended Plugin Help

I’m having trouble with the mailchimp extended plugin

I am trying to use the “Add member to group interest” option but I keep getting errors: See attached.

Can someone please explain to me what goes in the 4 boxes in the bubble workflow and look at mine (attached) to see where I’m going wrong.

Your list id should look something like …


The 404 is because it can’t find the one you are passing.

That worked for the List ID - I figured out where to find the real one (I was using the id number in the url).

But now it is giving me an error related to the interest/group ID - do you know where I find that?

Actually I worked it out (it seems by using the developer version of the mailchimp website you can get the id of groups)

Turns out though that mailchimp doesn’t send automated emails more than once to the same person unless related to shopping type stuff so that sucks, ill have to use something else.

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