Mailchimp Extended Plugin: Trouble setting up double opt in

Hi everyone!

Is someone familiar with the “Mailchimp Extended” plugin from “Coaching No Code Apps”?

I’m currently trying to set up a double optin for my bubble app using the “Mailchimp Extended” plugin. I used the command “Mailchimp Extended - Subscribe or Update Member with Custom Merge Fields” to fill in a merge field + a tag in addition to the email subscription itself.

My problem is that although the user can submit an email, they do not receive an opt-in confirmation email from Mailchimp and therefore have no opportunity to confirm themselves for the newsletter (hence they are not included in the audience).

Am I assuming correctly that I have to set the “status_if_new” to “pending” for the double optin to work? I also formatted the email address as lowercase + MD5 Hast, is the syntax correct here?

I’ve already checked data_center and list_id, but they seem to be correct (see screenshot). Here are my Mailchimp Settings:

I have an overview of my Mailchimp fields here, did I fill out the JSON-Body part for the merge field + tag correctly?

I’ve found a similar problem here, but wasn’t able to solve it with with the discussion: MailChimp Error Messages - #2 by romanmg

I would be infinitely grateful if you could help me! The plugin looks great, but I just can’t get it to work. :frowning:

If you want to have a (view-only) access to my app workflows, feel free to check it out here: Canpass | Bubble Editor
Here’s the test-version:

You can trigger the optin popup, by clicking on the “THC button”.


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