MailChimp OAuth Issue

Hi all,

I am trying to setup a Oauth connection to Mailchimp to get users’ lists, and then add a ‘Lead’ (email and name) to the list they choose.

I am getting the following popup error after being redirected to Mailchimp and logging in, then returning to my Bubble app:

Here is the config in the API:

Any ideas appreciated!


Please check out the following screenshot:

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Thanks, got a new error message now though, any idea?:

Share the screenshot of the config, please.

The config screenshot is above - no other config has been setup. I am only using the Signup/login with a social network action

Try to use
Authorization: OAuth
instead of the Authorization: Bearer

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Hmm same error message coming back, very strange!
Thanks for the continued help

Hm. Try to uncheck Requesting an access token uses Basic Auth, please.

New error :slight_smile:

Nearly there I can feel it

Great! That means that tokens are generating properly.

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OK, I’m logging in with my Mailchimp creds, so weird the ID is not returning - any idea what to do next?
If we get this sorted, I might have a couple more API’s I’d be happy to pay you to integrate

You were using the wrong field names.

id > user_id
email >

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You are the best!
Thank you very much!

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You’re welcome!

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I’ve PM you

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BTW, do not forget to click on the following checkbox:

It will refresh the tokens.

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Thank you! I shall tick that

If you still have editor access to then it is all in there :slight_smile:

Make sure you are getting the data centre back by doing a metadata call and use that as a parameter in the API call to lists.

It is that dc : us20 thingy.

Mailchimp tokens don’t expire AFAIK - so you don’t get refresh tokens.

K, thanks!