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Main cluster DB issues?

Anyone else experiencing weird DB problems for apps in the main cluster? At the time of this post, says thinks are OK. I’ve got pages loading but db data is extremely slow to load/won’t load.

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Can confirm. They posted an issue 4 hours ago - seems to be associated with AWS. – unfortunately, AWS in Oregon is experiencing some connectivity issues this afternoon! :grimacing:

Lol I just texted a

LOL. I just texted a friend who is an engineer at AWS and mentioned this (more in a joking way about how he ‘needs to stop slacking’). Anyways, he (and presumably a whole team of people) just got paged to deal with this issue so someone is on it :wink:

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Ya it’s down, no data loading :frowning:

He’s said “this one looks bad”. Fingers crossed that is isn’t


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