Maintain a width without fixed width, centre

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So I have a page which is has a width of 1280, and it’s primarily a form based app. I’m trying to maintain the width of the page of 1280 so users with wide screens won’t see extremely wide pages if they have an unusually wide screen. If they were to try, the page would appear centred to them with white space on either side. Do I need to set a max width for the page? If so, I cannot see this in the options for the page.

At the same time, I want to ensure that mobile users can take advantage of the responsive page if they’re on a smaller device.


To solve the problem of white space on either side, you should probably not make the page fixed-width, and then incorporate all the elements you want in the form into a centralized group. I made a simple example for you on page blank! Test-marketplace2 | Bubble Editor

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Thanks for this.

I think I might be a little too far in my building to implement this, but having seen your editor, I might benefit from implement a ‘max width’. However, I initially have 100% in the box, but then on rendering this in the responsive engine realised it doesn’t actually mean 100% of the max width as it ends up smaller, so have settled on about 180% so when stretching the page far beyond most screens, the group of elements I want to keep at a maximum width are not stretched with the page.

Hi @JS7319
That’s easy to do with the new responsive engine as shown bellow.
#1 page setup
Screenshot 2022-03-13 00.20.00

#2 form setup

Hope it helps :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: