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Maintain same Height between 2 groups

Hey all! Does anyone know how I could make the right side of this group (a vertical scrolling list of videos) the same height as the video player on the left dynamically?

Put a hidden group behind it and stretch it out both ways. Put the video player inside a similar group.

Then optionally group them together.

Thanks! But I’m not totally sure on your solution. Any more details/specifics on that?

Add Html element and set both of group’s of max-height to some value.And add “overflow: auto scroll” to the right-side group. if it is get more then, scroll bar will show and both group of height will set to same.

I’m not familiar with HTML :slight_smile: is there anything I should just be pasting in there?

Here’s the video group again along with the right sidebar playlist showing the responsive issue:

Repeating groups collapse by default. By placing a group behind it, the main group won’t collapse.