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Major Facebook In App Browser Bug (iOS)

Running into a pretty major bug people have discussed but I’ve never seen resolved. My mobile site loads perfectly on iOS Safari, Chrome, and Instagram In-App Browser.

However, when loaded on Facebook iOS In-App Browser, all formatting and dynamic data is out the door. This makes the app completely unusable.

See screenshot comparison for how it looks:

I’ve already tried appending a unique UNIX timestamp parameter on page load to try to get around any caching, but that isn’t working and the issue persists. I’m going to have to move off of Bubble if we can’t find a fix, given my website relies on FB Mobile Traffic to work (as do most sites these days).


facing the same problem would love some help aside from "add a unix timestamp like
“[URL/?timestamp=23455354345]” as that didn’t work for me

I have the same issue here as well. Bubble has known about this issue for 6 months plus. No announcements or acknowledgement of this issue so far yet. They have raised hundreds of millions of dollars last few months and does not have time to fix this bug or acknowledge this issue.

@emmanuel any response? It’s also been broken for the Instagram in-app browser for years. Costs us dearly and we’re debating switching platforms.

The fact Facebook and Instagram did a combined 103B in ad revenue in 2020 and is the 2nd largest ad platform on the market with many beginning startups using fb/ig ads to scale with other advertisers spending well over 50-100k and no truly optimized advertising strategy can be complete without fb/ig ads I gotta say this problem going untouched but known is a major issue, many people are spending without even knowing their ads aren’t displaying and losing money.

I’m curious if bubble did a report on website referer on all of the apps combined what percent would be from Facebook…

Has anyone filed an official bug report and gotten a response as to why this is behaving this way?

I know Bubble Support can get quite busy, and miss forum posts, so I’m sure a bug report would result in an official statement from a staff member. I would suggest filing one here:

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I filed a report, but if others can too that’d be awesome!

I used to work at FB and submitted this to their browser engineers (since the issue is more common on FB than IG it seems), but they basically said Bubble should be able to fix this and closed the thread

Any workaround luck anyone? I’m stuck in the middle of huge ad campaign launch.

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The problem started in iOS 14.8 when that came out this week. I can confirm that dynamic URLs don’t fix anything. No output of the “Insert Dynamic Data” tool will show. Nothing from the database, no option sets. And styles are not loaded. I have submitted a bug report as well.

I have ads running on FB I have had to turn off since iOS users are a significant part of my audience. I REALLY hope this can get fixed.

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I’m told Bubble engineering has confirmed this bug.


Thanks for following this up

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Hearing the same.

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Update, Bubble engineering pushed out a fix today and everything is working in the Facebook inApp browser for me! Is it working for you all now?

@jaredg it looks like fonts still aren’t loading correctly? Do you have a contact from Bubble who we can notify about this? Most functionality is better, but everything renders in what looks like Times font.

If you are experiencing bugs still, I would submit them to Bug Report | Bubble - That way you can have direct contact with someone who can assist you.

I am just glad they got the dynamic issue fixed! :smiley:

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Fonts are normally an issue cross browser.

Be sure to choose “web safe fonts” that work on all browsers


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