Make a change and undo older action when changing dropdown's value

I am trying to create a business management platform in which I have employees and tasks. Each employee has available hours and each task has assigned hours. One repeating group shows the tasks where in each cell of this repeating group I have placed a drop down that list the employees. The value of this dropdown is the name of the employee to which this task is assigned to. Another repeating group shows the employee’s name and their hours remaining (employeeHrsRemaining). employeeHrsRemaining = Employee Available Hours - Task Assigned Hours.

I am trying to establish a workflow that enables me to update all employee’s employeeHoursRemaining when the dropdown’s value is changed. The area I am having problem is to be revert an action already done from selecting the dropdown value once. If initially I selected employee1 to do task1, I update the employeeHrsRemaining accordingly, but if I changed my mind later on and wanted to assign task1 to employee2 then I have to update employee2’s hrsRemaining and also employee1’s hrsRemaining (Undo the older action as a result of previous dropdown selection).

I need guidance to create this workflow in Bubble.

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