Make a change to a thing doesn't work

Hey fellow bubblers!

I am facing an issue with “make a change to a thing” action. Here is the implementation.

As you can see in my debugger, bubble cannot find the thing to change.
Screenshot 2023-11-01 at 12.52.36
Screenshot 2023-11-01 at 12.52.41

BUT this thing exist and I can find it in my database by copy pasting the value of my input (i.e. the unique ID of the project).

I thought about an issue related to privacy rules, but I have all permissions enabled for “anyone else”. Anyone can help me out? I really tried everything I could…


Privacy rules, privacy rules, privacy rules

If not privacy rules, it could be an issue with your contractsigned_date = current date/time constraint.

If the contrastsigned_date is not exactly what the current date/time is then it will find no results.

That’s not a constraint, Mac. :wink:



Thanks @mac2 , @mikeloc and @code-escapee for your help.

It is indeed not a constraint. I’ll keep looking on the privacy rules side, but I don’t have any so it should not be the cause.

Just double checking you’re in same environment (the debugger and the admin screen showing the entry with the UID)