Make a change to things, Am I missing something?

Hey guys,

I made a change to the database but not sure if it’s right, I make a quick video to give a better explanation on the situation.

Appreciate any feedback.


Hey there! I believe the issue you’re having is on the second workflow, you’re trying to make changes to something that doesn’t quite exist yet. You’re almost contradicting your workflow when you do “make changes to a thing, permit = do a search for permits value”.

You’d want to use current user’s Permit in order for the data to be changed properly.

I hope this helps, if you need anything else let me know!

Hey @raingfox,

Thank for jumping in, the User table doesn’t have the Permit field, it’s in a different table.

I’m not sure what’s the solution in this case?


Sorry about my earlier post, not quite sure what I was saying with the user’s stuff lol.

The reason you’re not able to edit that second workflow because there’s nothing there, and you’re trying to change a homestraunt with something there. You may want to link this with two different data types instead. For example you could have a data type called file, and inside that data type you could have a field as a homestraunt, therefore linking the two.

Hope this helps and isn’t confusing. I tried wording it the best I could.