Make a medical and consultation app on bubble

Hello. I’m a total bubble beginner infact a no code app builder. I would like to build a healthcare app (doctor consultation and appointment making app) on bubble. I’d like to know how to go about this. (Btw it’s not a US based app, it’s an African app so hippaa compliance isn’t an issue) I’d also like to put some ehr integration.

Any advise or tips on how to go about this? And also how to convert the bubble web app to a native app for iOS and Android?

Hey @lynnjazzy7

Welcome to Bubble!

In general, Bubble is very flexible so it all depends on what functionality you need. Are you planning on using any external scheduling tools like Calendly? Or do you want to build all of that functionality within Bubble?

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I’d like to build it within bubble but if it’s not possible I’d like external platforms as well. I’m very very new so everything can be a bit overwhelming and confusing.

You can build scheduling functionality with Bubble

For all else that you are asking, as you make progress on your learning journey, you will be able to tackle most if not all of the needed functions of this type of app with Bubble :smiley:


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