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Make a User invite his/her client for a sign up

Hi everyone,

I am trying to build a collaborative app that has 2 types of users & thus 2 signups accessess:

  • The User (client of the app)
  • The Client (client of the User)
    Here is my database structure below.

I already set the workflows up for having my Users signed up in the app. I would like my Users to invite their own clients on the app through a signup form via email. This is ok so far, however, the issue for me is to create the Client database structure on the app. I thought about setting up a “create a new thing” action but there is no way for the Client to have a password assigned to his/her account. The input password is not available in this action workflow. Is there a way to have a for the Clients to access the app with all the input informations as well as the Users.

Also, is there a way for the Client to be assigned a User (owner or manager)?

Thanks a lot for your help.

Because the ‘user’ and the ‘client’ are both technically users its probably best to not have a different datatype for ‘client’.

Just have a field on your user that differentiates what what are. You can either have a yes/no field or a text field with some value (I use option-sets for this).

You can also have a field on your user data type called something like ‘Clients’ which is a list of users to connect them.

Then, when the user inputs the values for the client they would like to invite - use the workflow ‘create an account for another user’ and input those values, make changes to the current user to add the result of this step to their list of clients.

You might not want your users to manage the passwords for their clients, in that case reset the password for the ‘client’ user and either reword that email to be an invite email - or for a more advanced bubbler way - tick ‘don’t send email, only create token’ (or whatever it is) and use that token value in the URL to the reset password page. Add reset=‘result of reset password step’ at the end of the URL in whatever styled way you want to send it (i.e button). This makes the client feel like they have been sent an invite and what they do is click on a link to sign up, input their own password and then you redirect them to whatever page you want the client user to land on.


Thank you it does make sense now :slight_smile: