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Make AppStore/PlayStore App out of my bubble application


I want to summarize what I know about deploying bubble apps to App Store and Play Store Apps so far, maybe you can correct me.

There is three possibilities of deploying a bubble app to the App Store or Play Store:

First we can use a web wrapper like we find them on “”.

Second we can use bubble as a “Backend” which means that we deploy the bubble code to App-creators like Thunkable X, Kinetis or Dropsource.

Third we can use an overpriced service to publish our apps straight away, like

I would now ask you to explain to me
how these options really work and
if there is more options to “go native” with your bubble app

Thank you very much


Hi Felix,

If you are looking for a less expensive alternative to wrap your app, I recommend

It’s google play ready with free upgrades.

Both option 1 and 3 are the same essentially. The basic idea is it creates an app that is essentially a browser window without any navigation bar or anything that navigates to your app URL and runs it. If the user is connected to the internet, and your app is designed well, it will feel like a native app. There is a bit of work that goes into creating this wrapper, GoNative does it all for you, or you can spend an afternoon learning how to do it yourself in Android Studio and Xcode and save a lot of money. There are step by step tutorials on making a webview on Youtube.

Hey, thanks for the reply! Does this also work for the App Store?

Hi @felix.zehetner

I also invite you to discover this free solution

10 min. to create a FREE native app with Bubble > iOS :large_blue_diamond: Android

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Hi Felix,

Only android so far but currently working on a convenient way to include IOS.

Hey you’re stepping on Sam’s toe!

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Many people preferred to have an easy solution, so solutions from @Sam or @gaurav are in high demand, and I push them too :wink: