Make change to a list of image

Bonjour Bubblers,
Please, shoud I have your help.
When I want to update a field wich has 5 Picture Uploader, ido :
Make change to Type, here is “Annonce”
Photos set list …… But dosent work for me.

Please let me know can i do it.

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Picture uploader only uploads one photo at a time. The set list action is expecting a list.

It also will set the list in the database to whatever the value of the list is. What I believe you are trying to do is add a new photo to an existing list…for that you should do 'Photos add PictureUploader Modif-Image 1’s value.

This post might be helpful if you are trying to upload multiple images at once

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It’s very helpful.
Thank you so much @boston85719

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