Make change to a list of things expects a different type


My goal is to block out date ranges in my user’s agenda when they’re booked via an event, but I can’t seem to add a single date range to a list of date ranges using the “Make change to a list of things” tool.

  • I have an attribute for my users called “JourBloques” which is a list of Date Ranges.
  • I have “Events” with an attribute “Date” of type “Date range”.
  • When the user clicks on “Accept”, I want the “Date” to be added to the “JourBloques”

But for some reason, the operator won’t let me do :
[current user’s DateBloquee] : plus item [event’s Date_event]

It expects another part to the equation and I can’t figure out why, since I’m adding a date range to a list of date ranges using :plus item.

This is what it looks like.

What am I missing ?


Hi there, @lao… if I understand your post correctly, the problem is that you are trying to make changes to a list of users when you need to be making a change to only the current user, and the change to make is to add an item to their list of date ranges. So, in other words, you are using the wrong workflow event.

Hope this helps.


Thanks Mike, you are right - but I also tried doing it through “Make changes to a thing” which seems to be the right option since the title changes to “Make changes to a list of date ranges”, but it still doesn’t allow me to do it and their error message really doesn’t help (they suggest making changes to the first item but I have the “:plus” operator in my operation.

Am I going in the wrong direction ? Thanks

Just select Current User as the thing to change. Then, click the Change another field button, and make the change to the user’s list of date ranges.

Thanks a ton, it works !

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