Make change to a thing

I am attempting to make changes to a row if an entry is found in one of the arrays.

The video on make changes that pops up presents it as if I would select which field. Yet, however, no selections are possible except current user and search:


When search is selected and params entered there still is no option to define which column to change:


Anyone have advice on how to accomplish this?

When doing a search for a thing, you first would be setting the constraints to narrow down to the row you want to change (kinda like a sql select statement.) After that, you will see the ability to choose the fields you actually wish to modify. It will be a button that says Change Another Field.


Thank you Ken. Using a SELECT statement is starting to sound good right now. Visual may not do well for my brain? I just do not see the change another field that you describe:


It takes a little time to adjust to the bubble way, but once it clicks, it becomes very easy. Sometimes it just requires less thinking. :slight_smile:

First thing is to decide if you are making changes to a thing (one single row) or to a list of things. It looks like your first set of screenshots were for a thing, but the second is a list of things. Just need to choose which you really want.

If changing a single thing, then when doing a search, you can just add :first item to your search. That option comes up after you do the main search. Think, select with limit 1.

Thanks for the encouragement. I’m really missing Java in NetBeans IDE right about now doing everything by hand. However, the project I’m working on appears to be better suited for using Bubble… I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it.

So I begin by clicking “make changes to a thing”. The box pops up offering the option of current user or search. As soon as I select search another box appears to enter which table and params. However, the first box then switches to “make changes to a list of things”

Trying to do something that should be so simple:

See if a value is present in a row’s array, if it is, delete it. How hard could it be, right?

I’m stumped.

Hang in there.

Maybe these will help - one for changing a thing, the other to delete.