Make changes to a field based on another field's date?

This feels like a backend workflow, where I am still a green. (seems like an easy thing)

I have a task manager with Datatype: task, which includes a “due date” field, and a field within Tasks that is Datatype: OptionSet-TaskGroup.

If the Duedate for a task = today, I want to change the OptionSet-taskGroup to “Today” so that I can:

  1. Filter by it in the Task view.
  2. Send email notifications - “Tasks for today.”

-Because of desire #2, I’m assuming I don’t just want this within the page. I’m also assume it has to be a backend thing and actually change the data (whether a User logs in that day or not) because I want them to get their daily log email with all “today’s” tasks.

Thank you so much for any help!


I would make a couple of changes:
You are coupling the OptionSet-TaskGroup directly to the task item. I wouldn’t do that, because as you’ve find you will need to go over all tasks each day to figure out if its a task for today.

Instead think of the left menu as an actual menu that just filters things. When the the user clicks “Today”, you set a state on the menu called “active menu” = “today” option set. Then in your repeating group you can use conditionals to show the relevant items (e.g. “When active menu is today”, Data source = Tasks where Creater is Current User and DueDate = current day/time rounded down to day".

Am short on time so can’t make screenshots right now, but hope it gets you in the right direction.

Thanks Simon,

Yes - the option on the left does provide filtering -but there’s a good reason I tie the OptionSet-TaskGroup to the Task datatype. It’s because users are able to create tasks directly in those types, (Inbox, Today, Urgent, Someday) - with or without assigning a due date.

So there will be many tasks with no due dates. (Which is not uncommon in task managers)

Maybe there’s a way for me to ADD any tasks from the other groups (Optionset) to the TODAY group - simply by also checking for due dates - but I haven’t figured out how. - Also - in a perfect world - if someone creates a task and adds it to the Someday group with a due date 3 weeks away. When the due date arrives, I’d love the task to move from the Someday group to the Today group.

Thanks for your help!