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Make changes to a list of items - the operations skips random records

So i have the following situation.

When “Place order” button is hit, besides a lot of operations, i have the following:
“Make changes to a list of items” - current users cart_items which is a list.

To each cart_item, i am trying to add the order ID. Sometimes it just skips some random records. Any idea why it would do that?

I am not using “Do a search for: cart_items created by current user” because the loading time is too slow. Instead i found that, doing operation on a list of things attached to current users, works like a charm.

*Link to app: *
user: [email protected]
pass: 123

You can see below, on the list of cart_items, some records are missing the Order field.

Hey There. Would be hard to tell from only having access to the frontend and no debugger. Have you ran it with the debugger and see if maybe there is some reason those records are not being changed? Also test with multiple quantities of items. For example a list with only 10 items and a list with 30 items? Maybe you need to add a pause after this action to give bubble more time to change the records… I have ran into this problem in one of my apps where the workflow would move faster than the actual operation, causing it to stop mid-way. Hope this helps :+1:

So i found the issue.

I have an action “Clear list” right after “Make changes to a list of things - current users cart_items” and it looks like the “Clear list” operation was triggered before the “Make changes to a list of things - current users cart_items”

So i just changed the “Make changes to a list of things - current users cart_items” operation with “Make changes to a list of things - Do a search for cart_items: created by current used and orderID is empty”. Now it works ok :slight_smile:

Glad to hear! :+1: