Make changes to a list of things from external API

hi there, for the day that’s in it, I’m trying to pull horse racing data from RAPID Api into my database, that will subsequently be updated periodically

I have data type “horse” that in this instance has horse_name (text) and horse_odds (number) fields
Step1 is fine:
Create the horse in the database:

triggers a schedule api on the list pulled in via the api

and creates the horse

Step two (WHERE I’M STUCK) is updating the horse’s odds:
again, schedule an api workflow on a list

which triggers a backend workflow to update each horse on the list

The issue is i’m pulling the list of odds of all horses in the field and need to allocate each horses odds to each horse

Obviously if I choose :first item the first horses odds will be populated against every horse

Any ideas what i’m doing wrong? how to approach it differently?
many thanks

Can you allow others to view the editor and post a link. It would be easier to see the structure of the returned data.

Thanks William,
I’ll have to figure out how to do that, but the api return is below if that adds any clarity?

So trying to create a a list of things (horse) and make changes to the same list to add updates to SP

Thanks in advance