Make changes to a list of things in RG

I’m trying to build a structured dialogue in which the user’s answer to a question determines what other questions they will be asked. I created a small database of 7 questions for testing then I created a repeating group in which each row is a question which consists of the text of the question “Type of License?”, a list of answers and an Ask yes/no field. Initially, they click on a Set button outside the repeating group to set all questions to Ask = “yes” using “Make changes to a list of things”. This works as expected. During the dialogue, after they have selected an answer to a question, they click an Update button on the same row which sets Ask to “no” in following questions using “Make changes to a list of things” based on their answer. When I run this in Debug Step-by-Step mode, as soon as the grey “Button Update is clicked” appears, the app performs the “Make changes to a list of things” even though it has gotten to that step in the workflow. I can see the changes in the repeating group. It doesn’t do this with the Set button.

Can anyone give me any guidance on this? Thanks for any help.


Great question! To confirm: when you click the “Update” button, it goes ahead and makes changes to a thing even though it has not reached that step in the workflow? In fact, running step-by-step for debugging server side actions can sometime have unexpected results. When a change to your database occurs, that server-side action will happen immediately. Even in step-by-step, we cannot freeze this action from taking place.

Therefore, as the steps occur, the action already happened but when it hits the step that is supposed to make changes to a Thing in the database, you may see a duplicate of the action. However, this isn’t actually running server side, as the duplicate action isn’t persisting in your database.

If this works as you would expect in run mode, but behaves oddly in step-by-step, this it is most likely due to the nature of how we try to freeze the app in step-by-step and the way actions like this can’t actually be paused. If you run into unexpected behavior in run mode, do reach out to us at and we we would be happy to assist.

Thank you @jess. Extremely helpful.

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